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2-stage standard-TEC

- quadratic 6,1x6,1x3,8 (WxDxH in mm)

-Q=1W I=1,4A U=1,7V

- cable on short side


country of origin: RUS , 2MT0,44-1,0-16-7

suitable for cooling and heating


- sealing: without, silicon, epoxy

- limited heighness tolerance

- temperature resistance: 125°C, 150°C, 200°C

- cable on long side

- cable: PTFE-insulated, blank or tinned, Cu-Lack or any other requirements by customer

Additional product information

Country of origin RUS
Q_max (W) 1
I_max (A) 1.4
U_max (V) 1.7
dTmax (K) 88
Couples 44
Tmax (°C) 125
heightness tolerance Normal
Sealing without

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